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Retirement Services

Our advisors use the independent personal retirement overview IPRO to map out a retirement strategy for every person we meet. This strategy takes a look at how to best pay off credit card debt; whether your home should be paid off; how much money should be kept in savings; where to best invest your money based on your risk tolerance. We do this by asking many questions and getting to know you as a person. We want to help you obtain your retirement goals, dreams, and objectives.

See the Four Steps Process for retirement outlined below:

  • Step One

  • Step Two

  • Step Three

  • Step Four


The road to financial success requires reading the signs and following directions. No one arrives at the destination of financial success by chance.

Most people fail to implement a solid strategy, only to realize too late the short distance they traveled and how little they have accomplished! Begin the journey now by setting goals and establishing priorities. Get committed to a plan of action!

“Let’s start the engine to travel your road toward financial success.”

Step 2: Financial Profiles Modules


This pie chart shows many of the components of financial concerns which need to be addressed in a comprehensive plan. Some modules may not need attention immediately, although understanding each issue is important to establishing priorities and charting a course of action.

 Step 3: Financial World


 The world of finance can be divided into four sections:

  • Accumulation
    The need to save money for the future.
  • Conservation
      Retention of capital and/or income.
  • Personal
    Personal and family priorities.
  • Business
    Most effective use of business in this process.
Within each section are specific financial priorities. Approaching your financial strategy with this global picture in mind helps identify which areas should be given the highest priority.

Step 4: Four Options


If the current plan for financial independence does not satisfy expected needs during independence, there are four options:

  • Live on Less
    Decrease the desired standard of living during independence.
  • Save More
    Increase monthly savings to provide the capital needed at independence.
  • Earn More
    Earn more today to increase the value of savings upon reaching independence.
    Earn more during independence to make the savings last longer.
  • Delay the Day
    Postpone retirement until enough has been saved to meet income desires.
If a single option is not reasonable, a combination of two or more of these options may be necessary. 
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