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401(K) Rollovers

Most people have worked for a large company or state employer during their lifetime. When they retire they must do something with their 401(k). We will conduct a comprehensive review of your existing 401(k) and help you transition this to an IRA in your name. We will explain how your beneficiaries can inherit your IRA (when you are no longer here) and “stretch” the payments of the IRA over their life expectancy so as to minimize federal income tax. This is known as the “stretch” IRA concept. This is not a produce, but a process.


401 (K) Articles

Retirement Plan Distributions

When it comes to receiving the fruits of your labor — the money accumulated in your employer-sponsored retirement plan — you are faced with a few broad options. Should you take the payout as systematic payments, a lifetime annuity, or a lump sum?
Systematic Withdrawals
Some retirement plans may allow you to take systematic

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What Is a Self-Employed Retirement Plan?

A self-employed retirement plan is a tax-deferred retirement savings program for self-employed individuals. In the past, the term “Keogh plan” or “H.R. 10 plan” was used to distinguish a retirement plan established by a self-employed individual from a plan established by a corporation or other entity. However, self-employed retirement plans are now generally referred to

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Will Social Security Retire Before You Do?

People have traditionally seen Social Security benefits as the foundation of their retirement planning programs. The Social Security contributions deducted from workers’ paychecks have, in effect, served as a government-enforced retirement savings plan.

However, the Social Security system is under increasing strain. Better health care and longer life spans have resulted in an increasing

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