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Life Insurance Analysis

Our goal with Silverman Financial is to make sure that you have the correct amount of life insurance, and that it will stay in-force the day that it is needed most, the day you pass on.

reverse_mortgageLife insurance is complicated to say the least, and there are many types of life insurance policies.  One thing to consider is that some policies perform better when the stock market does well, but might not be a good fit if the market is not growing. Years ago, when the market was hot, people were purchasing variable universal life insurance based on the assumption, since the market was doing great, that the cash value within the policy would grow as well. Unfortunately, the market did not continue to grow at a pace that people expected and the cash value in the policy became much lower than what people had planned on. Consequently, there wasn’t enough cash in the policy to keep the policy going long-term.

The sooner an audit of your existing life insurance policies is completed, the better off you and your family might potentially be.  Finding the right insurance can be confusing and, to make things easier and more understandable, you should look for a team like Silverman Financial that has had years of experience in this area.  We will give you an unbiased review and, if what you have is good, we will tell you so. If on the other hand, your life insurance needs tweaking, we will show you why and how to accomplish this. The first thing we will do is order what is commonly referred to as an in-force audit of your existing life insurance. This will tell us how your insurance should perform based on assumptions from the insurance company that you have it with. We then will examine this with you and explain to you how we might be able to improve your situation or tell you your current policy is sufficient. Our goal is to help you so please call today to set up an appointment with one of our experts.

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